Break Time

I wanted to say thanks for the support, and that I will be taking this week off. I will be writing when I get back though!


They’re a really cool duo

Lewis and Clark’s fascinating adventure presented Western America as viable land, as there was little to no information of Western America at that time. Lewis and Clark’s crew went through many distinct places, and took them many long years. However, they still ended up making…

It’s terrible


Living under the poverty line can be harsh, but being discriminated because of it is even worse. History has repeated itself over the years and the issue of poverty has gotten a lot better. If people did something about it, crimes could be reduced and crimes amongst teens…

What’s it hiding?

For the human race, technology is evolving much faster than we are. It is ruining us, making us dumber. We look up things we don’t know on Google. We remember the fact maybe for a little while and then it’s gone. We will then have to look…

Aaron Santa Cruz

High School Programmer

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