Personal — My Election Prediction

This is my prediction

Sorry for not posting yesterday, I was feeling terrible.

Anyway, today I am posting about my election prediction as of now. As it stands, this is the current outcome.

I currently think that Joe Biden is the current projected winner. The reason being that Nevada is leaning towards blue. 76% of the votes have been reported, and Joe Biden seems to be in the lead (according to AP news).

According the the NYT, Clark County has 88% of the votes reported. This county trends blue, and is one of the counties with the least votes counted.

According to the NYT as well, we also see that as of 4:52 PM ET, there are still 190,000 ballots to be counted, with 90% of those in the county that Joe Biden is leading in.

If we zero in or Georgia, we also see that 98% of votes have been reported. However, Donald Trump only leads by 0.2% in the state. An extremely close race.

Arizona is also turning blue, with many major news outlets saying that Joe Biden has won the state. Biden seems to have a sizeable lead over Donald Trump. If we zero in on a currently blue county, we see that only 82% of the votes have been reported.

As compared to a currently red county, we see that more votes have been reported.

Pennsylvania is also an extremely close race, and according to the NYT, the majority of the ballots that need to be counted are expected to favor democrats.

Overall, I think Joe Biden has a good chance at winning the election.



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