Personal — This I believe

Aaron Santa Cruz
2 min readNov 16, 2020


“I believe”


I believe that doing rather than wishing is what will get me places. I’ve done just that these past couple of years, and it seems to be working well. I set a goal I wish to achieve. But rather than sitting around waiting for luck, I am taking action to achieve that goal. I am taking initiative, and so far it has paid off.

I started taking action after I realized that my friends were going places, and I thought it was just luck. Maybe some of it was, but a lot of it was just taking action, and doing. I realized that they had an end goal, and they took action and steps to achieve that goal. They were persistent, and didn’t give up. I thought I should do the same, and so far it has worked well.

I wished to get recognized, and to have connections. I set a goal: I would like to be recognized, and to have solid connections. I wanted this because I work hard, and I feel that no one notices, but I realized that the actions I have been doing in the last few years have been getting me attention. I believe that if I take initiative by doing hard work among other things, I will reach that goal.

I have taken action by working hard, and it has worked so far. It’s not about luck; luck is rare, so I don’t depend on it. After I set my goal, I took actions to achieve my goal. Some actions include: late night programming, learning outside of school, and talking to people in the community. All of these actions have benefited me greatly, and have worked so far to achieve my goal.

The end result for me hasn’t happened yet, but that’s ok. Many others have taken this approach, and have succeeded. I am going to continue working hard, and take initiative. If I stop, I could lose sight of my goal, so I am not going to stop, especially with all the work that I have done so far. I set a goal, I am currently taking actions to achieve that goal, and now it’s only a matter of time until that goal is achieved.