Thought — How Did Participating In Montana Conservation Corps Change Me?

In many ways

My Crew

I have participated in two seasons of Montana Conservation Corps (in 2018 and in 2019). During those seasons, I was part of a crew that worked in many different areas including building fences at campgrounds, removing weeds from a restoration area, and building bike trails. We abandoned all technology (except cameras), and we went out into the wild.

Even if it was in the dead heat, or the pouring rain, we worked regardless. We all had an understanding that everyone is experiencing it. There’s no need to complain.

We slept in tents every night. It was a fun experience to sleep in a one man tent both seasons. Barely any room, and I had to lay on the ground with a small pad. In reality, it isn’t that bad after you get used to it.

Not only did we help out the public lands, we also helped out each other. Whatever the conditions, we all understood each other after a while. We got along, it just took some time.

I never used to be the best communicator, but after being together for a whole month (and three weeks in the second session), my communication has improved significantly.

I am thankful for my other crew mates who had to go through this, and I also thank them for just being there. It was a very fun experience that I wish to embark on again sometime.