Thought/Personal — If I had $100,000 dollars right now and had to invest/spend it, how would I do so ?

Where’d all that money come from?

The first thing that I would do is buy 1/2 a bitcoin right now. As of now, half a bitcoin is worth $7,364.85. That leaves me with $92,635.15. The reason I would buy bitcoin is that at any point it could be worth a lot, or it could be worth nothing. Having some,and being able to sell it in the future at a higher price is a good idea.

With the money I have left, I would spend $6,500 on upgrading my entire setup for programming and at home learning. A better PC, a standing/sit down desk, a nice chair, etc. All of that cost around $6,500. I need to invest in myself too!

I would then add $40,000 of my $86,135.15 left over into my Roth IRA account that I already have to save for retirement.

Then the left over $46,135.15 that I have left over, I would invest half ($23,067.58) in the market by buying shares of technology companies. Technology companies have been doing well recently. The rest I would then donate to some charities.




High School Programmer

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Aaron Santa Cruz

Aaron Santa Cruz

High School Programmer

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